Terms & Conditions


The client authoraition by J.Y.Datarecovery services to evaluate once we receive media to our lab to determine the Cause of the damage and provide an estimate of recovery cost and timing. The evaluation is free and no work beyond this evaluation. And no will be charged will be made by us.

Manufacturer Warranty

The client agrees that during the process of data recovery it may be necessary to break the seals on the media thereby voiding the manufacturer’s warranty in case of physical data recovery.

Legal Rights

The client is the legal owner or authorized representative of the legal owner of the property and all data contained there in sent to J.Y.Data recovery Services. Any property left with us unclaimed for 45 days, will disposed. At which time J.Y. Data Recovery shall have no liability to the client or any other third party.

Trade Secrets

J.Y. Data recovery Services will not share for any reason the processes or techniques used for data recovery as these are trade secrets learned over time at our lab/office .if services has been canceled by client after services has begun we will not disclose what attempts have been made. Data recovery services and all method used to repair, recover and deliver data will be kept strictly confidential.

Limited Liability

J.Y. Data Recovery Services shall not be liable for any claim regarding physical functioning of equipment/media or the condition or existence of data on storage media supplied before, during or after services.

In no event will we be liable for any loss of data or loss of revenue or profits or any special, incidental, contingent or consequential damages, however caused, before during or after services even if J.Y.Data recovery services has been advised of the possibility of damages or loss to persons or property J.Y. Data recovery services liability of any kind with respect to the services, including any negligence on its part, shall be limited to the contract price for the services.

Client is aware of the inherent risks of injury and property damage involved in data recovery, including without limitation risks due to destruction or damage to the media or data and inability to recover data, or inaccurate or incomplete data recovery, including those that may result from the negligence of J.Y.Data recovery services and assumes any and all known risks of injury and property damage that may results.

The client understand that Data Recovery cannot be guaranteed.

All data recovered will be kept for a period of 7 days after successful delivery to customer. Data will be destroyed and there after no further records will be kept.


Shipping Damage

Damage to any product / packaging or contents must be reported to us in a timely manner, or within one week. J.Y. Data Recovery Services cannot file a claim on behalf of a customer for shipping damages; customer must sign off to proper carrier that caused the damage. J.Y. Data Recovery Services is not responsible for lost media or media sent improperly. Shipping a device such as hard drives or media cards incorrectly is your responsibility is all cases. If a shipment is lost or damaged or returned to you with some missing it is not the responsibility of J.Y. Data Recovery Services. J.Y. Data Recovery Services will not track/insure/signature request delivery packages unless by request specifically in writing by the client/customer before shipment is made/sent/managed/handled. These shipping arrangements & tracking requests must be requested before the case is started.

Shipping during Holidays is the sender’s responsibility to understand that the dates surrounding festival holidays may present a problem where items are not delivered on time or are delays in being received. It is not a responsibility of J.Y.Data Recovery Services for these types of issues.


Confidentiality of client’s data and information are the very imp at J.Y. Data Recovery Services. We understand that the data stored in various storage media have tremendous business value for client. At the same time, they can be confidential and sensitive too. J.Y. Data Recovery Services assures its customers that their data will be protected from third party access at any instant J.Y. Data Recovery Services. We understand that if data leakage occurs, the organizations won’t come to us the next time they need to retrieve data.


Payment is due in full upon completion of recovery, prior to release of data. Purchaser acknowledges that all fees relating to data recovery service are final no refund will be permitted under any circumstances. The client is financially responsible for all shipping costs, custom duties and taxes to and from JY Data Recovery Services.

Data Recovery Shipping Instructions

Suggestions for Packaging & shipping Data Storage Media For Data Recovery

When shipping any type of media, it is extremely important that your media is packaged carefully to avoid any additional damage during shipment. Proper packaging will ensure a greater agree of recovery of your data.

Step 1

If possible wrap the media in an antistatic material.

Step 2

Pack the media in a box twice the size of the media, using foam, bubble or any anti-shock/vibration material. This is to conform that media not move in the package during shipment.

Step 3

For ease of identification, please complete the data recovery information sheet and place it inside of the box. This information may be taped to the media being recovered.

The data recovery information sheet is a form that customers can enter information and print. Please complete as much information as possible. Be sure you mark your desired service level.

Step 4

Please ship packed media to the following location.